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We are specialist Pallet Racking Suppliers who have installed thousands of pallet storage systems in and around Nottinghamshire. With over two decades of experience in pallet racking, we can design, supply, and install all warehouse pallet storage systems.

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As one of Nottinghamshire‘s leading specialist installers of all types of pallet racking for industrial and commercial use, our business works closely with the best manufacturers of factory pallet racking products.

Our business supplies and fits storage pallet racking systems that are both competitively priced and with a service we are very proud of. We offer several great Pallet Racking Suppliersā€™ services and are more than happy to assist you on anything from price, to dimensions, to specification.

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Our experienced designers follow SEMA guidelines to ensure they provide storage solutions that maximise space and increase workplace efficiency, and are also safe and fit for purpose. Our specialist installers can transform the efficiency of workspaces by maximising capacity, improving productivity, and reducing operational costs.

All our Nottinghamshire projects are safe to build, safe to use, safe to maintain, and deliver excellent value for money. At Pallet Racking Suppliers, we can assist you with the best specifications, costs, and prices.

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What is Pallet Racking?

Warehouse pallet racking is the most common form of warehouse racking system. Pallet racking is a space utilisation designed to store materials more efficiently. Forklift trucks allow simple movement to move products from the warehouse pallet racking to vehicles.

How does Pallet Racking Work?

Pallet racks are made of horizontal steel beams that link vertical steel frames. Pallets can be added to a bay created by two frames and beams. The pallet racking framesā€™ height and the beansā€™ spacing will determine how many pallets and how much weight your warehouse racking can support.

Pallet Racking Costs Nottinghamshire

The cost to install pallet racking is Ā£80 per pallet position. The higher the density, the more expensive your warehouse pallet racking system will be. The prices and quotes submitted will vary depending on:

We strongly recommend inquiring about an official quotation as the costs and prices can vary depending on many factors.

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Benefits of Pallet Racking

Pallets are an essential part of the supply chain and can significantly impact how a shipment turns out. The efficiency of overall supply chain activities is influenced by how filled and empty pallets are stored in warehouses in Nottinghamshire. The convenience of installing and using various types of pallet storage solutions can considerably improve the profitability and productivity of these warehouse operations. Pallet racking has the following advantages that can help your warehouse become more cost-effective:

Types of Pallet Racking Systems We Offer

We offer the following pallet racking systems:

Adjustable Pallet Racking Nottinghamshire

This racking type is created to contain pallets functionally using forklift trucks. These forklifts gain access to items through aisles (aisle racking) that run parallel to the racks.

For palleted loads, adjustable racks are a logistical option that can be tailored to the sizes of the unit loads and forklifts. This load level regulator is effective, resistant, easy to install, and has simple load level regulation.

Here are some advantages of this racking type:

Mobile Pallet Racking Nottinghamshire

Pallet racks are installed on chassis or mobile bases and directed along fixed tracks on the floor in this system. This racking form has an electrical motor and remote push-pull elements that enable the racks to travel along the tracks and only open one forklift access aisle.

Itā€™s a high-density storage system with easy access to standard forklift pallets. Its practice enables it to be used with various loads and forklifts.

Here are the following advantages of Mobile Pallet Racking:

Drive-through Racking Nottinghamshire

The Drive-in compact device is a more practical storage solution that reduces forklift operating aisles to optimise usable room and height in the warehouse.Ā It has a modular structure that is simple to assemble and reset, making it simple to manage.

Compact storage can be Drive-in, with just one entry aisle, so the last load in will be the first load out, or Drive-through, with an entrance and exit, so the first load in would be the first load out.

Here are some advantages of Drive Through Racking:

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Live Pallet Racking Nottinghamshire

This pallet storage system is perfect for warehouses that need to keep track of stock and save energy. On each level of the compact structure, slightly inclined roller beds allow stock rotation to be more accessible.

There are two styles of live pallet racks available from AR Racking:

Driven by Gravity

The inclined roller bed system is used for the FIFO system (First In, First Out), where the loading area is at the other end of the unloading area, and the goods travel along with this storage space.

Push Back Racking

The LIFO method (Last In, First Out) is commonly used; it has only one loading and unloading point: needs are stored by moving previous ones to the back, and they pass along for unloading.

Here are some of the advantages of live pallet ranking:

Pallet Shuttle Racking Nottinghamshire

Driven shuttles automatically bring loads into the rack in this form of a high-density compact storage solution. An operator controls the pallet shuttles from a distance. As a result, storage capacity is better used, and workplace injury rates are lower. During the storage process, using automatic shuttles instead of forklifts decreases the chance of injuries and saves money.

This pallet racking system improves logistical capability qualitatively and quantitatively by automating the handling of goods on pallets It also allows inventory management through a sensor racking system that counts the stored pallets.

Here are the advantages of Pallet Shuttle Racking

Automated Pallet Warehouses Nottinghamshire

Pallet storage systems that use stacker cranes or other automated mechanisms to handle loads are called automated pallet racking systems. Due to the reduction of operating aisles and their ability to increase in height and size, they provide high-density storage. They often use response times that are as short as possible.

Their dependability allows for an immediate inventory of stored items and reduces load handling errors. Accessible or double-depth structures can be used for automated storage. Advantages of automated pallet warehouses include providing complete stock control and reliability.

Longspan Shelving Nottinghamshire

The manual storage of medium and small materials is possible with this method. This flexible pallet racking system can accommodate any unit load and allow for direct and immediate access to stored SKUs.

Because of its simple assembly and the ability to add accessories like platforms, this racking can be raised in height without losing efficiency. Designing, manufacturing, and assembling can be changed to suit the customerā€™s requirements.

Longspan Shelving advantages:

Multitier Shelving Nottinghamshire

Multitier or high-rise aisles are manual shelving systems that optimise warehouse space with small floor areas but available height. They make the best use of floor space by creating several levels of manual loading aisles at a range of elevations, all of which are accessible via stairs.

The following points are advantages of Multitier shelving:

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Live Storage Systems Nottinghamshire

Live storage is a small storage device that relies on gravity to hold units lo Both FIFO and LIFO warehouse management have live storage systems. Also, for any load: a solution for heavy loads like pallets and light loads with carton systems.

Here are some of the advantages of Live Storage systems:

Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking Systems Nottinghamshire

Cantilever racking is suitable for bulk storage of long and volume loads, such as beams, tubes, etc. A base, columns and solid and versatile cantilever arms make up this form of a unique solution.

Reasons to use the Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking Systems:

Coil Storage Racks For Reels Of Cable Or Rolls of Material

Coil racks or coil supports make it easy to store any material wrapped in coils (Cable, rope, cloth, etc.). This coil storage device is built on a standard pallet racking frame that has been modified with unique coil storage supports. Coil racks add versatility to traditional pallet racking and complement other storage systems.

Here are the advantages of this method of racking:

Compact Pallet Rack Storage Systems

Compact pallet rack storage systems are a great way to maximise your warehouse floor space. In the video, you can see many types of compact pallet rack warehouse facility specifications to choose from.

Designing the right Compact Pallet Rack Storage System for your warehouse storage facility is a crucial part of our services. Our specifications and designs can utilise the floor space to give you maximum room for storage within your industrial buildings.


Here are some frequently asked questions about pallet racking:

How do you determine the capacity of a pallet rack?

To determine rack capacity, you calculate the maximum weight of your combined pallet loads. Then the pallet rack weight limits determine the size of your decks, beams, uprights, bracing, and baseplates to cover the pallet rack weight capacity. The calculations need to make sure your rack weight capacity is never exceeded.

How long does it take to install pallet racking?

It generally takes 2 to 4 weeks to install pallet racking. Some small pallet rack installation jobs can be completed within 48 hours with a 5-person installation team. The installation times can take 6-8 weeks to install on larger projects. We highly recommend booking installations early because lead times can take time for deliveries to the site.

What is the difference between racking and stacking?

The distinction between stacking and racking as nouns is that stacking is the act of stacking things. In contrast, racking is an asphalt shingle application method in which shingle courses are put vertically up the roof rather than horizontally across and up.


As a professional pallet racking local installer, we can design, supply, and install UK business requirements. As a nationwide pallet racking installation company, we have installers located locally.

Our reviews and testimonials have helped us win many contracts over the past two decades. We take pride in all our work and would love to assist you in your pallet racking storage enquiry.

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